Broome is a furniture design studio based in New York City. Our practice is guided by designbuild—the principle that designing and building are rightly one continuous and dynamic process. Design challenges Build to realize its vision. Build inspires new Design possibilities.

We work with interior designers and the furniture industry on projects that range from commercial office interiors to individual residential furniture pieces. All our furniture is custom made to order. We work closely with our clients to meet their needs and to create modern and highly functional furniture.


Broome was founded in 2008 by Chandler Pierce Architect, following two large-scale commercial office projects in Hong Kong and London. All the cabinetry, tables, paneling, credenzas, trim work, and TV cabinets were designed in New York, coordinated in Hong Kong, fabricated in China, and installed in Hong Kong and London. The studio established a network of quality fabricators abroad and in the US to accommodate various scales of projects domestically and internationally. Since then, Broome has worked on offices for LVMH, Pink OTC, Polygon, Mitsui, Aerin, and various residential projects.


Chandler Pierce Architect is a New York City-based firm, with over 25 years of experience in the practice of Architecture.

“We believe that every design problem is unique, every client, every site, and every existing building is different from every other one, and that each holds the potential for a unique and unstereotyped solution. We explore design solutions very thoroughly.”

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